Adeleke: We're relying on agriculture and tourism to create a strong state.

Adeleke: We're relying on agriculture and tourism to create a strong state.

As Osun state clocks 32 years of creation, Governor Ademola Adeleke has disclosed that his administration would leverage on the state tourism and agricultural potential to ensure steady growth.

The Governor, while addressing residents in a state broadcast on Sunday, said his administration would ensure provision of education facilities with a view to encouraging culture of learning and innovation to entrench knowledge-based economy in the state.

“At this point, this is a clarion call in order to propel Osun State towards sustained economic growth, we must collectively focus on several key strategies ranging from; strengthening our transportation networks, energy systems, and digital connectivity will attract investment, facilitate trade, and improve the overall quality of life for our citizens.

“Continued emphasis on modernizing our agricultural practices, supporting farmers with training and access to markets, will enhance food security and drive economic growth.

“Nurturing a culture of learning and innovation through improved educational facilities and partnerships with research institutions will fuel the emergence of a knowledge-based economy.

“Leveraging our cultural heritage and natural beauty, we can develop sustainable tourism offerings that create jobs and stimulate local economies”, he said.

While reiterating his administration’s commitment to building infrastructure through partnership with private sector, he pledged to ensure a safe ecosystem for the populace wellbeing.

His words: “Collaborating with the private sector to develop infrastructure projects, such as energy, transportation, and healthcare, can leverage resources and expertise for mutual benefit.

“Implementing eco-friendly policies and sustainable practices will not only protect our environment but also attract eco-conscious industries”.

He charged residents of the state across the globe to work collectively to achieve the goal of the state’s founding fathers economically, socially, and culturally, with a view to leaving a legacy of prosperity for generations to come.

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