Create Ministry of Northern Nigeria Development — Group tells Tinubu

Create Ministry of Northern Nigeria Development — Group tells Tinubu

A group, Northern Consensus Movement (NCM), has appealed to President Bola Ahmed Tinubu to create a new Ministry of Northern Nigeria Development similar to the Ministry for Niger Delta, to tackle the numerous challenges stifling development in the North.

President of NCM, Comrade Awwal Abdullahi Aliyu said at a press conference in Kaduna that the new Ministry to be known as Ministry for Northern Nigeria, was necessary because the entire region was bedevilled with one problem or the other.

“Take for instance the North West, there are serious security breaches like banditry, kidnapping and rustling, in the North East, there’s the Boko Haram, and another related insurgency, while in the North Central, there are the herders/ farmers clashes.”

“So why not create a ministry for Northern Nigeria Development like what we have in the South-South, where they have a ministry for Niger Delta with a senior minister.”

‘Despite the advantage of the region, in terms of politics, the mirage of problems confronting it deserves a better approach. The challenges of contemporary Northern Nigeria like in education, health, infrastructure, agriculture, security etc. have eaten into the fabric of our society, inflicting pain, suffering and division on us, in spite of who is the head of government.”

“We need to understand the nature of this political problem so that we can begin to develop much more leadership policies for the good of our Northern Society and people. The Northern Consensus Movement, haven critically evaluated the Socioeconomic challenges of the North, and we found it appropriate and made bold to demand the creation of the Ministry of Northern Nigeria.”

“We have come to the conclusion that the creation of the Ministry will address the infrastructural deficits and challenges of decades of neglect. Once created, emphasis will be placed on specific project implementation, as in Education, Health, Security, Agriculture, Economy, Environment, Women and Youth development on Skill acquisition activities Management etc.,” he said.

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