France has said that the Niger junta has no authority to expel its ambassador to the country, Sylvain Itte.

Niger military on Friday gave ltte 48 hours to vacate the country for refusing an invitation to meet with the junta-appointed foreign minister.

The Foreign Ministry said the actions of the French government were “contrary to the interests of Niger.”

But France said Niger’s “putschists have no authority” to expel its ambassador in Niamey, as quoted by Deutsche Welle.

“The putschists do not have the authority to make this request, the ambassador’s approval coming solely from the legitimate elected Nigerien authorities,” Paris said, adding: “We are constantly evaluating the security and operating conditions of our embassy.”
The French President Emmanuel Macron, had on Thursday demanded for the release of Nigerien President Mohamed Bazoum who was detained on July 26, 2023 in a military coup led by the former commander of Niger’s presidential guard, Abdourahamane Tchiani.

Macron, also called for a return to democratic order in Niger, a former French colony whose elected leadership was toppled in a military coup in July.