Teenager kills mom in Kano

The Kano Police Commissioner, Muhammad Husain Gumel says six persons from the group of individuals that chanted insulting words on the Emir of Kano, Aminu Ado Bayero at the end of the re-commissioning of Hasiya Bayero Paediatric Hospital on Sunday, have been identified and are advised to immediately submit themselves to the police.

The CP stated that the state Police Command employed the use of technology to detect six out of the persons involved in what he described as Unlawful Assembly to commit crime mentioning their names as Salman Dandago, Faruku Kanindanga, Sadiq Kurkukus and Danfari.

The remaining include Dan Fari and Tasu’u Waru. He called on them to submit themselves to the police with immediate effect before the police reaches them.

The CP who spoke on Monday while being hosted by the Correspondents Chapel of the Kano Council of the Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) reiterated that the police will not sit down and watch miscreants insulting the traditional institution which he describes as the first stage of authority.

“A question was raised on the event of yesterday’s inauguration of the Hasiya Bayero Paediatric Hospital. The event had His Excellency the executive governor in attendance. At the tail end of the event, some miscreants having organized themselves were heard chanting words that will destabilize the process.

“If you can recall, in my speech I told you that, we are going to deploy use of technology to detect crimes and criminality in the state.

“So, those group of people were not even invited to the event, they were intruders who came on their own. They were sponsored by someone with a particular interest.

“So these people formed themselves in an unorganized manner to form an Unlawful Assembly. Everybody knows Unlawful Assembly as a criminal activity with which they disrupted the process.

“We have used our detective camera to look at the footage. Already six persons have since been identified. Among these six persons we have one Salman Dandago, Faruku Kanindanga, Sadiq Kurkukus, Dan Fari, Dan Baki and Tasu’u Waru.

“We are still analysing the video footage. All the people seen chanting these words will definitely be arrested and prosecuted.

“Not only that, if there is any information on the sponsor that is responsible for this disrespectful activity and he will be prosecuted alongside those who were caught in the act.

“Let me reiterate on this, traditional institution is a sacred institution. Everybody in the North knows how we respect our traditional institutions because it is the number one source of authority.

“So anybody who thinks he can play around for one reason or the other to destabilize the peace of the state, bringing politics into traditional institution is firstly an enemy of the state, a saboteur and a criminal that the police will never sleep and allow such a person to go around messing up.

“We are in our feet and we assure that they will be arrested.

“In the interim, I invite these six people to come to the police for dialogue. Let them come up. If they come by themselves and give us their narrations, we can seek the ways of dialogue to sensitize them and make them understand that they are doing what they are doing out of ignorance. Otherwise we will arrest and get them prosecuted.

“I want the press to take this serious and sensitize members of the public never to engage in such acts of lawlessness” the CP stated.

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