At this point in this land of Ilorin, called the Emirate, the Isese worshippers will have the right to worship as well. Why is it so hard for the alfas to preach peace and allow everyone to celebrate how they wish? Shouldn’t we all be preaching and seeking for peace to reign in the same state we all love?” Talolorun asked.

A video by an admin on Talolrun’s page Friday also confirmed Talolrun’s arrest assuring supporters that the popular Isese advocate will regain his freedom.

“Yoruba people celebrating the arrest of Talolorun, did you believe he would not be eventually arrested?

“They have been trying to arrest him for a long time so his arrest did not come as a surprise to us.

“He can not be killed because he did not kill anyone. He will be free. He did not rape anyone, he was only sharing his thoughts on the situation of things

“Arresting Talolorun does not mean the world will end. We are fighting for our ancestors. We are fighting for our culture and tradition not to go into extinction.

“The economy of Nigeria has continued to dwindle yet none of you is fighting to save the country but when it comes to Isese worship, everyone suddenly has a voice.”

A lawyer Abdulkadir Ademola Ajasa, speaking after the court session Thursday, shed more light on the reason behind Talolorun’s arrest.

According to the Ajasa, “This issue does not have relation to Isese. Before his arrest, the people of Isese visited the commissioner of police on Monday, seeking permission to celebrate the Isese festival in Ilorin.

“The Commissioner of Police told them that if a permit is granted, it will cause a lot of damage. They were advised to visit other places in Kwara State to celebrate the festival.

“The reason he was arrested is that he defamed the character of those mentioned earlier and he has always been inciting the public to go against Ilorin based on the atrocity he committed when he burned the Quran. If these things are not handled properly, it could lead to religious crisis.”

Another cleric, who spoke in court also confirmed the lawyer’s statement saying Taniolorun insulted the Muslim leaders, an act that will not be tolerated.

“Talolorun believes he knows it all. Our Emir and every other leader are not to be disrespected. This needs to be curtailed,” he said.