Taraba Government Collaborates with US on Mining, Agriculture, and Education

Taraba Government Collaborates with US on Mining, Agriculture, and Education

Governor Agbu Kefas of Taraba State says his administration is poised to better the lots of residents in all sectors of the state’s economy to ensure development gets to all nooks and crannies of the state.

The governor made the disclosure on Friday at an event to discuss areas of cooperation, trade and assistance to the state with the Embassy of the United States in Abuja.

Kefas explained the focus of his administration and steps already taken to reposition the state, especially, in key sectors like agriculture, health services, and mining and solid minerals, which will require the expertise of the American Government and private sector involvement to harness the potential for growth and development of the state.

According to him, the rationale behind the compulsory free education policy at basic and secondary education levels is to lift the burden on parents and as a radical approach to the problem of insecurity by attacking it at the base.

He insisted that poverty has also been at the root of many conflicts which the free education programme that encompasses books, uniforms, teachers’ welfare, and infrastructure aims to address.

Kefas also sought the cooperation of the embassy in areas of cultural exchanges, environment and climate change, as well as securing grants and capacity building on clean energy, insecurity, economic development and gender issues.

The embassy officials promised to foster closer cooperation and facilitate linkages with the American government and US companies in the areas mentioned in a mutually beneficial manner.

They suggested regional cooperation amongst states so that American support through USAID and similar agencies can reach a wider audience.

The governor had a positive interface with the Embassy head of Political Affairs; David Frost, that of Economic Affairs Katharine Habour, and Victoria Ibi, the Political Specialist at the Embassy.

Kefas, as part of a concerted drive to attract foreign investment and support to bolster his administration’s desire to fast-track economic and social development, had earlier visited the Embassies of Germany, the European Union, the Czech Republic, and China.

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