Why are coups d'etat on the rise in Africa? - Gabon

Why are coups d'etat on the rise in Africa? - Gabon

ABUJA – Former representative for Ure-Offong/Oruko and Udung-Uko Federal Constituency of Akwa Ibom State in the National Assembly, Chief Robinson Uwak, has attributed the resurgence of coups in Africa to long-standing institutional failures and social injustices resulting from bad leadership.

In a statement on Sunday, Uwak highlighted this connection and condemned the recent military coup in Gabon.

He emphasized that Africa is currently grappling with a wave of military coups, which undermines the efforts of the African Union (AU) to promote democratic governance.

According to him, the Gabonese coup d’état underscores the urgent need for structural reforms and the strengthening of democratic institutions to prevent future military takeovers of governments on the continent.

“I strongly condemn the latest military coup in Gabon that removed President Omar Bongo.

“The actions of the coupists in Sudan, Tunisia, Mali, Burkina Faso, Guinea, Niger, and now Gabon, contradict the values of democratic governance I have come to appreciate as a former member of the Federal House of Representatives,” Uwak said.

He stressed that such actions have set the Africa Union several steps back in its efforts to entrench democratic principles on the continent.

Furthermore, Uwak expressed his support for the actions taken by the African Union and international bodies against the junta in Gabon, which includes the suspension of the country.

However, he stressed the need to address the root causes of these military takeovers.

“The resurgence of coups in Africa is tied to many years of institutional failures and social injustice occasioned by bad leadership, flawed elections, impositions, and failure to respect democratic norms.

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